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My Favorite Ten NBA Players and Their Sneakers

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No. 1 - LeBron James

Preferred Sneaker: Nike LeBron X

Key Tech Elements: 360 Zoom Air, Hyperfuse construction, Dynamic Flywire

Why they match his style of play: Engineered to the exact specifications of Mr. LeBron James… enough said.

How It Will Work For You: The 360 degree Zoom Air is totally awesome. If you are a Guard then there are better options but for all the 3-5’s out there, but take a go in these.

No. 2 - Kobe Bryant

Preferred Sneaker: Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Key Tech Elements: Modular cushion system – Zoom Air or Cushlon, Flywire construction

Why they match his style: of play: Low, lean and mean. The Black Mamba wants what the Black Mamba wants… and for his 7th signature… he wasn’t too sure what he wanted so they gave him options with the modular system. Kobe has had some great games and he has had some terrible games in the VII. We’re ready for the Kobe VIII to drop.

How It Will Work For You: If you love low cuts with Zoom Air then the latest Kobe is always worthy of an in-store try-on. Just give them some time to break-in and you’ll be ready for the Kobe VIII too.

No. 3 - Kevin Durant

Preferred Sneaker: Nike KD V

Key Tech Elements: Heel Air Max, forefoot 10mm Zoom Air, Hyperfuse construction

Why they match his style of play: Again, this is a signature. Not only that, it’s a Nike signature. They take their time creating a shoe that is perfect for the player, not so much the consumer. The KD IV was a perfect example of that, either you loved it or you hated it.

How It Will Work For You: That remains to be seen as they haven’t released yet (unless you count NIKEiD) but we shall soon find out as they are due out in stores this December.

No. 4 - Dwyane Wade

Preferred Sneaker: Li-Ning Way of Wade

Key Tech Elements: Unknown

Why they match his style of play: Apparently Wade had spent a lot of time with Li-Ning designing the Way of Wade so we assume that they match his preferences perfectly. Since not much is officially known about Wade’

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